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Ceramic Coating in Harrisburg, PA

Experience the pinnacle of vehicle protection with our Ceramic Coating services in Harrisburg, PA. At Elite Finish Auto Spa, we understand your car’s needs and the importance of maintaining its pristine condition. Our ceramic coating ensures a gleaming finish and offers long-lasting protection against the elements.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

  • UV Protection: Shield your vehicle from harmful ultraviolet rays, preventing paint oxidation and fading.
  • Chemical Resistance: Our coating provides a barrier against acidic contaminants, ensuring your paint remains untouched by potential hazards.
  • Hydrophobic Properties: Water beads off, reducing water spots and making washing your car a breeze.
  • Enhanced Gloss: Amplify your car’s natural shine, making it look brand new for years.
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Application Process

  • Surface Preparation: Before the ceramic coating application, we ensure the surface is free from contaminants, swirls, and scratches.
  • Coating Application: Our professionals meticulously apply the coating, ensuring even coverage.
  • Curing Time: We allow the coating to bond with the vehicle’s paint, ensuring maximum durability and shine.

Types of Ceramic Coatings

  • Nano-ceramic coating: Offers superior protection with a thickness that bonds at a molecular level.
  • Glass coating: Provides a hard layer of protection with a mirror-like finish.

Durability and Maintenance

Our ceramic coatings last between 2-5 years, depending on maintenance. Regular washing and periodic inspections ensure the longevity of the coating. We also offer ceramic coating maintenance tips to help our clients get the most out of their investment.

One year coating

Starting at $395.

Three years coating

Starting at $750.

5 years coating

Starting at $1250.

3 layers 7 years coating

Starting at $2250.


Elite Finish Auto Spa Ceramic Coating

How does ceramic coating offer chemical resistance?

Our ceramic coatings are formulated to resist a range of chemicals, from acidic bird droppings to harsh cleaning agents.

Can you explain the hydrophobic properties of ceramic coatings?

The hydrophobic properties mean water droplets bead on the surface and roll off, reducing water spots and contaminants bonding to the surface.

How does ceramic coating enhance the gloss of a vehicle's paintwork?

The coating fills microscopic imperfections in the paint, resulting in a smooth surface that reflects light more effectively.

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