Have you ever considered applying a ceramic coating to your car? Do the widespread claims of it preserving your car’s paint job hold true? Is it better than waxing and polishing? We know you have asked these questions many times only to need clarification. The amount of contradicting information on the web can sometimes be annoying, so we have decided to clear them once and for all.

Today, we will walk you through the basics of car ceramic coating. Please continue to read this article from Elite Finish Auto Spa to discover our ceramic coating topic!

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What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to your vehicle’s exterior. The coating chemically bonds with the vehicle’s factory clear coat or paint, creating a hydrophobic layer of solid protection from the harsh sun’s UV rays that will deteriorate a vehicle’s clear coat and cause the color to fade!

Also, it protects against dirt, road grime, oxidation, acid rain, bird droppings, and other acidic properties. These things that would generally etch into your original clear coat or paint are now sitting on top of the protective layer of Ceramic Coating and do not reach the vehicle’s original clear coat or paint.

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Top 5 advantages of ceramic coating

Safeguard your paint

Every time you drive your car, you expose the paint to contaminants that can damage it. Ceramic coating creates a firm, protective surface on your car’s body, preventing foreign matter from causing damage. It can withstand significant damage without causing visible damage to your vehicle, such as fading, oxidation, and chemical staining.

Ceramic coating can also protect your vehicle from UV rays, which can cause oxidation. It is beneficial if you park your car outside.

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Keep your car cleaner

Because of the hard surface provided by ceramic coating, dirt and debris roll off the surface rather than becoming stuck within the tiny pockets of your vehicle’s body. It means that your car stays cleaner, and getting all the dirt off when it needs to be washed takes much less time than usual!

Last longer than most other ways to protect paint

Ceramic coatings last much longer than traditional paint coatings. When choosing a ceramic coating, it can be expected to last for years without wearing off from weather, air pollutants, bird droppings, or other contaminants.

Reasonable price

One of the best aspects of ceramic coating is that it is a very affordable option for vehicle owners. While the initial investment may be higher, you can save money in the long run because you will not have to spend too much on car washes, wax, and other exterior detailing services.

Depending on the ceramic coating type you get, it is a nearly permanent solution, so you won’t have to replace it year after year!

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Look great

Who doesn’t enjoy the appearance of a brand-new car? With ceramic coating, your vehicle’s surface is protected, and the fresh coating imparts a stunning, candy-like shine. It will bring out the best in your original paint job, restoring your car’s appearance to the first time you drive it!

How To Maintain Ceramic Coating In Proper Care?

Avoid getting your vehicle wet for the first twenty-four hours after treatment. During the first week after your ceramic coating is installed, you must avoid using detergents to clean it to prevent chemicals from adhering to the surface and avoid rubbing your hands across it.

Furthermore, after applying a ceramic coating, you must follow the maintenance schedule for the coating. Properly maintaining your ceramic coating will help prevent damage and extend its lifespan.

Where to get your car ceramic coating applied?

As we have seen in this article, ceramic coating has numerous advantages that will increase the value of your vehicle in the long run. It will make cleaning and maintaining it easier for you. Elite Finish Auto Spa in Seven Valleys, PA, is a premier car care service provider with decades of ceramic coating experience.

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